Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapter Two

It was just another bar, just another night out with some friends. I hadn’t even gotten dressed up. We started talking to some people who turned into more people and suddenly this tall, dark guy was staring at me. More than staring. His friends, the furry one and the big blond, had undressed every girl in the place with their eyes, including me. This guy was different. I got the distinct feeling he was past looking, that he was feeling me and tasting me inside that mind. I’ve thrown a drink at someone for half of the look in his eyes. But that night, it gave me a shiver right through my core and I felt a little wetness drop.

I tried to be cool. I talked to other people, even let the furry guy make a pass at me and blew it off playfully, like I was not just for the taking. It didn’t seem to matter. Eyes the color of dark chocolate followed me. The tiny tip of a pink tongue wet those pouty, perfect lips. I hoped he couldn’t see me shudder.

She went to the bar. Her red tank top was open down the back, with beads tied across the space to hold the two sides of her shirt together. I could see the clasp at the back of her bra as I drew up behind her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I said. Nice shoes, wanna fuck? I wished I had the balls for a line like that. She followed when I carried both glasses to a tiny table on the back patio. The place was packed, too warm for so early in the summer. I kept my head down and if anyone noticed me they didn’t say. At the far railing and I stayed on my feet, giving her room to pass between me and the table to sit down.

I thought she would turn, face the table and maybe I’d get a nice free rub of her ass against my lap on the way by. But she didn’t. Instead she faced me, angling her lithe body into the narrow space. Every part of her touched every part of me as she squeezed through, like a paintbrush against a wall.

My body roared and without thinking, I kissed her. She was trapped, already our bodies scandalously close and I couldn’t get my mouth on hers fast enough. She went stiff for a minute, surprised, and I thought she would push me away. Instead she melted, making me instantly hard.

When he appeared behind me at the bar, I had half a mind to back up into him and grind against those incredible thighs. There was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. He’d introduced himself earlier: Sidney. My friends and his friends seemed to think I should know who he was.

To this day, I think I came when he kissed me. He was heavy and strong, I wanted to pull him down on top of me. Instead I hooked my fingers into the front pockets of his jeans as his tongue slipped between my lips. He tasted like bourbon and coke, icy cold. My body whimpered and trembled as I felt him get hard against my hip.

Holy shit.

Something happened with that kiss. I could barely get a breath and my body was trying to angle itself entirely between her legs. Only the barest, weakest sense of danger kept me from tossing her back onto the table and having my way with her right there.

“Grace,” I gasped. Beneath my lips on her neck, her pulse pounded. “Let’s get out of here.”

I was never going to live it down, but I had to get this girl out of there now. I moved fast, dragging her inside, only to find that everyone else seemed ready to go as well. The guys all looked at me, then her, then back to me. Jordan opened his mouth to speak.

“Nice to meet you all. Goodnight,” she said from behind me. I felt something slide into my back pocket before she dodged around me and followed her friends.

“Man, no one is getting any? What a bunch of pussies,” Max finished his drink.

I tried to walk normally to the car, still half-hard in the front with whatever she’d put in my pocket feeling bulky and square in the back. In the shadow of my SUV, I pulled it out: Blackberry. Then it rang.

“Gray jetta, to your left,” she said.

“Follow me.”

We drove 25 minutes until I was pretty sure I’d end up on CSI with Nick Stokes picking forensic twigs out of my hair and trying to match them to the ditch where my body been dumped. I should have been scared of the way he way he’d been looking at me, but I couldn’t stop feeling his tongue on my skin. He pulled into the driveway of a huge white house, a mansion really, and killed his engine on the far side of the lot.

Shit, I’d live with my parents if they lived here too.

He took my hand and led me to a side entrance. I’m sure the place was as amazing inside as out, but all I could see was the width of his shoulders and the flat, hard narrow of his waist.

I never brought girls back to Mario’s. Not that there were many – I think they were starting to worry about me. But never here. Tonight was already a different story.

I’d wake them all up too, making her scream.

I moved robotically through the space by memory, her thumb tracing tiny circles on my palm like she was winding a crank. My body got tighter with every stroke. I shouldered open the door to my room and swung her inside.

A book tumbled as I lifted her up and set her ass down on edge of the low dresser. I pulled her right against my lap, dug my hands into her hips and stuck my tongue down her throat. She closed a hand around the back of my neck and hitched her thighs up to give me full contact. The rest of that night goes down in history.

I wrapped my legs around his giant body and tried my best to hold him close. He was hard again, that didn’t take long, and I was teetering on the edge of the dresser driving my crotch into his lap. Good thing I wore shorts or I’d be naked already. Would that be too forward? Because I knew we were about to fuck the paint off the walls.

His soft, pillowy lips were everywhere: my mouth, my earlobes, the strap of my tank top. He pulled one down, kissing it away and then the other. I skipped the pleasantries and pulled the thing right over my head.

“Don’t be shy,” I teased him.

Fine then, his expression said as he unhooked my bra. I latched my ankles together behind his ass as if I had any chance of driving this runaway train. He took it as a clue and lifted me right off the dresser like I weighed nothing. His tongue assaulted my mouth as he carried me – actually carried me like I was a fucking cake – right over to the foot of his king size bed. He dropped me and himself into a heap of skin and sweat. His polo shirt came off in a flash and I went blind.

“Jesus,” I said out loud, so much for being cool. “You’re gorgeous.” He smiled with a row of perfect white teeth and gave me a little flex, a little vanity pump of the pecs and biceps. I could totally have cum right then. “What are you, a model?” His laugh vibrated against my ear as his hands slid right up under my shorts, cupping my ass.

Wooohooo, thong! I couldn’t lie: I didn’t get a lot of ass. I mean, I could have. I fought it off really. But we were so past that point and I planned to make this one count for all the girls I’d passed up. It became increasingly obvious that this girl, this incredible, mind-scrambling girl who had made me lose all common sense and decency had no fucking idea who I was. No porn had ever made me that hard.

I opened the zipper on her shorts, desperate to see the tiny panties underneath. She lifted her hips to help me, bringing her lap dangerously close to my face. Easy, I told myself. We have all night. A tiny scrap of fabric, barely fit to be called underwear, covered the strip of dark hair just above the cleft between her legs. It was dark lace, maybe green but I couldn’t tell in the dark and it was on the floor in a heartbeat.

She laid out before me, naked but for those high, wedged sandals with the ankle straps that girls love to wear. I kneeled down at the edge of the bed and pulled her into my face. This wasn’t normally where’d I’d start, I’m a dive-right-in kind of guy. But I was already planning to go all night and I saw no reason to skip the soup.

Her skin was hot, smeared with the sticky sweet mess that I’d already made of her. My lips traced lightly up her inner thigh before I lapped a hard, smooth stroke along the length of her pussy. She moaned. It was quiet but spoke volumes for what was to come. I had to back away from the corner of the mattress, my cock so hard it was a mile long.

She was soft and swollen, the slightly rough texture of my tongue tugging her flesh along with it. The taste was incomparable, unlike anything before, and I know I thought right then about her being the best I’d ever had. Boy was that an understatement. I nipped at the little man in the boat, making her cry out. Fingers twisted into my hair, I wished it were longer so she could drive my face right into her pussy. I’d grow it out. Starting now.

Those lips. That mouth. He must have just graduated from Hogwarts because that was some fucking magic he was laying into me. His hair was too short so I grabbed at his ears and neck, pressed myself down onto his tongue and practically begged for him to fuck me with his face. I felt a little pressure and then a single broad finger slipped into my snatch. A second quickly followed. My body squirmed and twitched as he felt me out, making plenty of room for what I suspected he was hiding under those dark jeans. His teeth grazed my clit, making me jump, and then he pressed into my g-spot.

“Ohmygodfuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” I groaned as a tiny earthquake rolled the bed out from under me. He pumped and plucked, drawing my orgasm out until I swore again. Only when my hips fell still and my eyelashes fluttered closed did he give my body a break. But not for long.

“Grace,” he whispered, suddenly level with my face, mouth close to my ear like he was going to say something important. Then he pressed his colossal cock into my soaking wet core.

“Yessssssss,” I hissed, the only sound left in my body as that monster snaked it way inside me. Slow and insistent, he moved like he was stalking something asleep in the grass. I was the prey. I wanted the pounce. When he reached what I thought was the top, as deep as I go, he kept moving right past it into a place I’d never even felt before. My body opened for him, creating space that didn’t exist; he was a particle accelerator and the only options were to discover or detonate. When he finally reached his depth, Sidney didn’t wait.

Holy fuck she’s so deep. I was in her up to my knees and I knew there was more if I could just reach it. I stroked lightly at first, thinking I must be in a dream, then harder as I realized she really could take it all. And then some. Pretty soon I was ramming my cock into her tight, bottomless cunt as she made tiny, breathy sounds beneath me.

I wanted to suck her breasts, tongue her tonsils, pull her hair but I couldn't do anything. I was barely holding it together as is. My thighs slapped the underside of her legs around my waist. I gasped a breath and pushed my lips hard against hers. She grabbed my neck and stuck her tongue down my throat instead.

“Yes, yes baby yes,” she panted as I bottomed out, repeatedly. Her fingers dug into my skin, the sting felt incredible against the softness. I was seconds away from going off but I couldn't go without her. My eyes screwed shut, cutting off the site of her perfect breasts bouncing against the thrust of my hips. But I could still hear her voice.

“Ohmygod, you feel so good. Fuck me, Sidney.”

Dirty little slut. I’d only ever hear those words from someone who knew exactly who I was, exactly what I was worth and was spending my money in her head as my name left her lips. This girl could be lying but I didn’t care. If she is I was going to get my money’s worth.

“Come for me, baby. I want to break you open.” I kissed her again, our mouths hot against each other, as my fingers tweaked her nipple, pulling sharply on the feverish flesh. She gasped and so I did it again.

She moaned into my mouth as the orgasm took her. That strong back arched in my arms, flattening her chest against mine as I held her off the bed and rode right through her bucking hips. I felt a sudden prick as her fingernails slid down my back and realized she’d been clawing at me all along. My huge thighs pinned her hips to the mattress, forcing all her energy back where it came from and concentrating it like a nuclear bomb.

I was trapped. My body twisted and writhed like I was being electrocuted but there was nowhere to go. Every pulse and pound doubled back on itself like a head-on crash – the two forces adding together for ultimate destruction. The strangled cries I heard certainly sounded like me, though I’m sure I was saying, “Sidney, Sidney, Sidney.”

He grunted, thrusting harder. My pussy pulsed like a bruise as he railed away at me, taking his pleasure from my sapped peach. I squeezed feebly, but he didn’t need the help. With a long, low groan, he lodged inside the deepest part of me and burst. I felt him spurt hard, then again and again, pumping himself out somewhere near my heart. Then he collapsed, all that sculpted muscle falling on me like a pile of bricks.

“Give me a second,” he panted into my neck, “and I’ll think of something that sounds as good as that felt.”

I laughed as best I could with 200 pounds of perfection crushing me. His luscious lips kissed gently up the side of my neck, my fingers traced the perfectly straight hairline across the back of his neck. I felt him getting soft inside me, even then he was so strong it was still probably the best I’ve ever had.

I lost track of how many times we had sex that night. If three was my record before, it was shattered inside of an hour. The first time I got hard again without ever leaving her body. The second time she sucked me back to full mast. It was the fifth or sixth before she climbed up top and straddled my face. The first time she shouted my name, I had her feet over my shoulder and I tried to stifle her voice with my palm. The second time she just bit my hand first. If that didn’t wake Mario then I certainly did when I bellowed, balls deep in her from behind as I pulled her hair.

“Give it to me,” she said. And so I did.

I don’t remember falling asleep. He was probably still fucking me. I’d never encountered someone so insatiable and I wondered if he might have been on something, some stimulant, that let him get down and plenty dirty ten times in a single night. No normal human could do that. When I woke, I was wrapped in two huge heavy arms, my ass pressed against his massive morning wood.

“Morning,” he murmured. He flicked his hip, that rod prodding the soft flesh of my ass. “I hope you don’t have to be anywhere today.”

I couldn’t roll to face him, so I slid up and brought myself down on the cock that was spearing my cheek. I got the tip right to the slot and pushed myself down over him, a little dry so the friction was doubly strong. He moaned, arms clenching as he fought the urge to push.

“Don’t move,” I whispered. Instead I moved as best I could, making the most of what little space he gave me. Instead of up and down I twisted, rolling my hips and grinding my ass into his lap. Before long I was gooey wet and hot for him. His hand pressed against me, trying to steer.

“I said no,” I said, pulling his hand up to my mouth. I slid each finger between my lips in turn, mimicking the strokes that my pussy laid down his cock. I could get used to being in charge. In truth, I needed a slow, easy break from the punishment we’d inflicted on each other. My body was a mess of sore muscles and fingerprint bruises beneath that expensive down comforter. For each of mine I knew Sidney had one to match. It wasn’t taking much to make his breathing ragged and I was enjoying every tiny motion.

“I want to…,” he whispered, losing the idea to a particularly taut roll of my back. “I want you.”

I moved his hand from my mouth, over my breast until it was between my legs and stroked his two forefingers against my tender clit. “Not too hard,” I whispered, meaning even his softest touch was enough to make me cry. With a little guidance, he quickly got it right. My jackpot started to rise and in no time, I was squeaking out tiny sobs.

“Grace,” he said, “Grace.”

I came, biting down on my lower lip to keep from crying out. This was someone’s house and we were lucky not to have brought the police last night. I forced the air from my lungs as the tension in my lower body broke. He stroked deeply, moving us both and in a few slides along the cotton bedsheets, he was cuming too. I felt liquid break inside me like a piñata spilling candy, his hot cum filling the space he’d created.

“Oh God,” I whispered. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t think or see. There was only this.

I lay there, spent and destroyed, holding onto her body like a life raft. She didn’t know anything about me and it was impossible to keep it that way. The minute she knew, everything would change: either she would want me for that or she wouldn’t want me at all. That’s how my life was – all or nothing. Either way, she’d be gone.

A gentleman would have invited her to breakfast. A gentleman probably wouldn’t have fucked the life out of someone whose last name he didn’t even know, but I had already committed that sin. The next one would be harder. I couldn’t take her out in public – not now, not like this. Maybe not ever. I had thought about sending her home last night, halfway through the Kama Sutra, but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t done with her yet. Now… well, we were finished for now at least.

I unwrapped myself and went to the bathroom. When I came back she was dressed, strapping on her sandal. Her short dark hair was a bed-head mess, no hiding the fact she’d been rolling in the hay all night long. I wanted to touch it, to climb back under the covers with her into blissful ignorance. Instead I pulled on last night’s jeans.

I should have snuck out. I had planned to, before I’d known what he could do, and even after the first few times I figured I’d disappear in the middle of the night and make this easier on everyone. But the sex had kept getting better and I was no fool. Then I guess I fell asleep. Now we were doing the awkward part where we don’t know what to say.

If he asked, I’d stay. Part of me hoped he’d ask me to breakfast or something, that maybe we could at least talk since we’d barely managed a word last night. I mean, all that physical stuff can’t be without some other kind of connection too, right? Maybe I was just being a girl, thinking with my ovaries. But he’d been silent since coming back from the bathroom and I could only pretend to put my shoe on for so long. Guess it’s time to go.

“I’ll show myself out.”

He stood, like he suddenly remembered I was there. “No… uh, I’ll walk you. I mean, I’ll show you.” I followed him as he walked stiffly through a wing of the colossal, gorgeously appointed house. Maybe his parents didn’t hear us last night. I tugged at my shorts, nervous about how to say goodbye. Thanks? Nice fucking you? Ugh, I really should have snuck out. The way his thighs and ass moved sent shivers right to my crotch like I could still feel him inside me.

I couldn't ask her. I couldn't send her home like this, like a hooker with a check, the walk of shame even so far as her car. But I couldn’t ask. I should have considered this last night. If I’m man enough to take home a stranger and fuck myself senseless, I needed to be man enough to send her home. Right? Man up.

Then I turned and looked at her. In the daylight she was more beautiful than before. I felt a surge of pride over her swollen lips and the tiny red mark low on her neck that I knew was from my teeth. She raked her fingers through her tangled cloud of hair and my body responded the only way it knew how. I was so raw and sore that even the slightest twitch of my dick sent a shot of pain through my lap.

He grimaced. He actually made a face like he was in physical pain. Or he was going to throw up. He’d been so tense since leaving the bedroom, I was suddenly afraid someone would catch us leaving. He was clearly afraid too – no, not afraid. He was ashamed.

“Do you,” he stuttered. “Do you want to get some breakfast?”

Well no, not now. What the hell? “Uh, I can’t. I should go.”

And then he looked relieved. His brow smoothed and he exhaled shortly, like he’d just dodged a bullet. Guess it was sex or nothing after all. Of course it was. What a fucking moron I am, what a dishrag. Let some guy pick me up in a bar and think he might actually want to know me.

“Could I call you? Could I get your number?”

Okay asshole, that’s plenty. Don’t do me any favors. But I couldn’t say no – then I’d have to tell him why and that would lead to me telling him to fuck off and die. So I took the high road. Make that the low road.

“Sure,” I said, hearing the hesitation in my own voice. I punched it into his phone and he did the same for mine. I wondered if he was giving me a fake number too.

I tucked my phone away and looked up as he was moving into me. The kiss caught me off guard – I wanted to knee him in the balls but his tongue was in my mouth. It was like firewater, burning its way through my body as his hands cheated under the hem of my shirt. An angry message fired from my brain but was lost on the way down; my body slammed into his like a magnet and every bruise he’d left screamed for another touch.

Oh God. I cannot give this up. My brain goes soft as my dick gets hard, spearing her thigh ungraciously. She kisses me back though, open and urgent, taking my breath as I practically hump her leg. I would take her back upstairs and lock her in my room forever. I’d fuck her right here on the floor, Lemiuex’s be damned. Her ass check was small under my wide palm.

I opened my mouth to ask her to stay.

I pulled away, untangling myself from his fingers, legs, tongue. His kiss almost made me forget that he didn’t want me.

“I have to go. Bye Sidney.”

And I left. I hustled to the car and backed out quickly, not looking up at what I think was him standing in the doorway. Watching me go. I gripped the wheel to stop my hands shaking. A few miles away at a red light, I turned on my phone. Eight messages.

Shiri: “Where the hell are you?”

Beth: “You went home last night, right? Why aren’t you here?”

The last one was the best. “Oh my God you didn’t go home, where are you little slut?” While I held my phone, it beeped a text.

Beth: If you’re not dead, brunch at Paxton’s now.

I rolled into the diner to three matching smirks. “Who did your hair? The sheets on some guy’s bed?” Beth asked.

“Same guy who did her makeup,” Laura snickered.

I dropped into the booth next to them, stealing someone’s fresh OJ and unwrapping a straw. “It was that guy from last night, from the club.” I expected shrieking or at least a laugh, but nothing. I looked up into wide, staring eyes.

“Sidney Crosby?” Beth whispered sharply, like she was cheating on a test.

“Uh, I guess. Sidney. Why do you know his last name?”

Laura gave herself a face-palm. “Three weeks in the ‘Burgh and you’re fucking Sidney Crosby.” Again her voice got really soft at the mention of his name.

“I still don’t know what that means!” I brandished a fork at them. “Who the hell is Sidney Crosby?!”


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