Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chapter One

Scientifically, it was the middle of the night.

He had me flattened against the wall.  His impossibly strong lower body wass wedged in, one massive thigh between my legs and hips pressed hard just below my waist.  Those broad, strong hands were on my skin, at my neck and under my tank top, gripped tight to my side.

“Tell me to stop, Grace.  And you’d better fucking mean it.”

I saw the fight.  They were losing badly on the road in Dallas, the game slipping away and getting ugly.  Two fights in the first before Morrow went after Tanger, knowing he had a bad hand and couldn’t defend himself.  The tone changed right then: deliberate and nasty and nowhere near over.  The commentators were going on about someone stepping up, leveling the playing field.  Something was coming but they were still surprised.

He wasn't a fighter.  He was too valuable to lose for even a five minute major, forget to an injury earned during extracurricular activities.  The Golden Boy, The Chosen One… black eyes looked bad on the face of the NHL.  But he was their captain, and sometimes there were problems only he could solve.

He won the fight and lost the game.  The fact that he was still so angry told you which was more important.

“Get out, Sidney.”

He said no.

I won the fight.  I’m in so much trouble tomorrow morning but there’s no room in my mind for that now.  You spend all summer dreaming and planning for how the season is going to bust out, take off big time and then it doesn’t happen.  It’s the same fucking uphill slog every year, the same disappointment and frustration mixed with elation and relief.  I’ve done it five times now and still I’m caught off guard.

Everything in my life is about control.  Always has been – I’ve never known anything different.  Except for Grace.

The night we met she was just another girl in another bar.  A flashing red warning, a whooping alarm siren on the security panel of my life.  I almost never notice the girls –potential problems are really what I see.  But that night was different.  Even with Max looking at her like he wanted to bend her over the couch right there, and Jordan trying to figure if his crutches could support the weight of him fucking her standing up.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I tried to let it go.  I even let Max tell me exactly what he wanted to do to her, something I usually tune out because Max is more graphic than porn.  But that night, it was just giving me ideas.

I knew they would fly home right after the game.  The plane would be silent as a tomb and wound tight as piano wire.  No one would sleep but everyone would pretend.  I knew Sidney would be furious.  And I knew he had nowhere else to go.

I went straight to her house.  Tomorrow I’d wonder what the fuck I’d been thinking, what right I had to go there and why on Earth I’d chose one potential problem after another.  But I couldn’t make the car go any other way.

“If I hurt you, tell me.  Because otherwise I won’t stop,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t say anything.  She never had before.

“I hate you,” she told me instead, hands in my hair.

I bit her neck hard and sucked the soft flesh into my mouth knowing full well it would leave a mark.  “I hate you too.”

As soon as I knew she wouldn’t throw me out or call the cops I pushed my hands beneath the waistband of her tiny cotton shorts.  Before they hit the floor, my fingers were inside her.  She gasped as I spread her apart, probing the length and depth of her.  There was no denying the wetness I felt as her body came to life beneath my touch.  I tore her tank top down from one shoulder and helped myself to a full, ripe breast.  My tongue brought her nipple up till it stood at attention, like it was begging for me.  Like I was begging for more.  My mouth found the round, heavy underside of her breast and I bit there too, bruising her creamy flesh like a fingerprint.  I was here. 

I dropped to my knees, shouldered her thighs apart and speared my tongue into her sweet, slick center.  She trembled as I ran the wide, slightly abrasive flat along her length then twisted it into her clit.  Her fingers gripped my scalp, pressing me closer.  The only thing I needed to breathe was her scent.  I forced her legs wider; pale, smooth thighs standing no chance against my strength.  Probably bruised there too.  The idea of my handprints marking her skin made me growl, vibrations running up into her body.

“Fuck,” she swore.  “I really hate you.”

You hate that I own you, that I know exactly what gets you off.  You hate that I’m the only one who can make you scream.  I told all this to her pussy, sticky honey running over my chin.  The timbre of my voice made her to squirm.

“Oh God,” she pleaded.  I rammed two fingers into her slit, surprising her.  Three or four pumps right to the G spot I’d found so many times before and she was rolling against my face.  “You are a piece of….”  Her words were lost in the moan that I drew from her body, my fingertips holding the gate open as she poured right down the drain, spinning helplessly.  Her hips bucked, grinding against my tongue until her body went slack and she slid down the wall.  I wiped the back of one hand across my mouth and chin, still tasting victory.  Her short dark hair fell forward to cover one eye and her lips were swollen with my roughness.  I put my face right to hers.

“Grace,” I whispered.  “I hope you got some sleep.”

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs for him to get the fuck out of my apartment, out of my life.  But no words would come as he grabbed me around the waist and carried me inside.  I hated that he could control me, wind me up and rip me apart.  His arm was huge around my middle, flexed into a cast iron shape of solid muscle and the closer we got to the bedroom the stronger he got.  He was like that.  He fed off what he could do to me.

Sidney put me down at the edge of the bed and stood close, one knee between mine so I couldn’t move.  He tugged off his tie then pulled his dress shirt and the tee underneath right up over his head.  It was deliberate: his flat abs and broad chest all naked and practically pressed to my face.  Just below that the bulge in his pants was obvious.  Guess I have some effect on him too.

If he thought I was going to help he was sorely mistaken.  Finally he opened his belt and dropped his expensive suit pants into a heap on the floor.  He was fucking gorgeous, without question, even if I wanted to punch him.  The cotton of his boxer briefs was stretched tight across his huge thighs and solid ass to say nothing of making room for his huge erection.

I looked up and met his eye.  “Something you need from me?”

Fuck she is so infuriating!  Why can’t she just play the game?  She’ll let me stand here all fucking night, biting her bottom lip because she knows I’m about to come at the thought of her mouth.

I peeled off my useless shorts and climbed onto the bed behind her.  Her room always smelled like clean laundry.  Taking a seat against her pillows I reached down by my feet and hauled her up.  I felt strong and ferocious manhandling her like that, the way she always made me do everything.  She thought it would piss me off but it just turned me on.

There was a flicker in her eyes as she let me drag her between my knees.  We could scream and throw things all day, but I knew she loved my cock.  I pushed her head down in that general direction and despite herself I think she helped a little.  Her lips grazed the tip, dewy already with a drop of pre-cum, soft skin running over my hot flesh.  I was about to lose my shit and she knew it.  Fucking tease.  I pushed her head down farther and saw stars as my shaft slid right into her juicy mouth.

It is not right that someone so arrogant should have a dick like this.  His skin was marble smooth as he filled my mouth with his erection.  Needy as always, he pushed right to the back of my throat, nearly gagging me.  He loved that.  I swirled my tongue around deftly, knowing exactly what he liked and how dangerously close he was to going off early.  Tilting my head I ran the flat of my tongue down the underside of his cock, wiggling the point into the little divot where it met his balls. 

“You had your turn, now it’s mine” he sneered, grabbing a fistful of my hair and steering my face back onto his length.  Gripped like a ponytail, he used my hair to set a pace as he rocked his hips and fucked my mouth.  Sometimes he went deep, trying to surprise me but I got him instead when I tugged on his balls, maybe a little too hard, and made him gasp.  He felt me laugh.

“Bitch,” he whispered.  I came up for air and hissed like a cat. We both knew he loved it.  That earned me a hard shove down onto a mouthful of cock.

I was so busy feeling the warm, soft hole of her mouth that for a moment I forgot she wanted to kill me.  And she never, ever touched me of her own volition.  So when her long thin fingers gripped my balls I almost blew my load.  One more deep throat and I was a goner.  I’d probably pass out on her bed like a drunk frat boy and sleep till tomorrow.

I pulled roughly on her hair, yanking her off my dick with a wet pop and drew her face up to mine.

He liked to kiss me.  It was dominance, I knew, the strongest form because he could look into my eyes.  When he slid his tongue into my mouth and tasted only himself on my lips, his eyes shone with triumph.  I pinched his earlobe sharply between my fingers.

“Ow, fuck,” he said, distracted.  I was in his lap, straddling the erection that I’d just been sucking like a popsicle.  A tiny flick of my hips and I was halfway down on his dick before he could even gasp.  If nothing else, his body was built for sin.  I swiped a finger slowly across his full lip as I worked him inside me.

“At least you’re good for something,” I growled as I started to move.

Sliding into Grace was like leaning into a black hole.  Time and space seemed to stop, there was no air to breathe.  The laws of physics and gravity were rendered useless.  I knew it hurt her a little, how big I was, because I would wake up sore from a night of squeezing my cock all the way into her.  Pleasure and pain, that’s us.  She was tight and hot and so, so wet for me.  I lifted my hips, making her breasts bounce until I reached out and tweaked her nipple.  She slapped at my hand, so I tweaked the other one.  With an angry smile, she leaned backward, arching her back away from me and pulling her tits out of my reach.  It also rubbed me right into her g-sport.

“No you don’t,” I said, hauling her up by the waist.  “You will come when I say you can.”  In one movement I rolled and thrust, trapping her beneath me and bottoming out inside her pussy.  She moaned.  “That’s right, let me hear you,” I told her.  Then closer, whispering, “I know what it sounds like when you scream my name.”

I worked my hips, the sweet slick core of her body taking everything I could give her.  She raked her nails down my back hard enough to leave welts and when she ran out of room, dug them into my ass.  I took it as encouragement.

He would never let me come.  Long ago he’d figured out how to open the window, put me on the ledge and then pull me back inside.  He breathed hard onto my neck as he railed into me.  I only had one defense.

“Oooh, ooooooooh,” I let out a long, slow noise and arched my back like it was coming on its own.

“I said no,” he gritted his teeth and pulled out of me.  The tendons in his neck stood out with the act of sheer will. 

He was so much stronger than me.  When he grabbed my leg I slid across the blanket like a girl-shaped pillow.  My feet hit his thighs, making my knees bend.  He stood behind me at the side of the bed and pushed my shoulders down until I was on all fours.

I expected a hard stroke of his cock from behind.  When it was replaced by a slow, strong lap of his tongue I shuddered.  We’d already done that once and I pretty much came at the idea of his mouth on me again.  Fingers, tongue, even his chin got into the action.  He pulled my folds apart, plunging into me as deeply as possible.  I didn’t think, I just reached down to touch myself.  Before my hand reached my clit, he grabbed my wrist hard and yanked it away.  “I said no.”

“Fuck you!” As quickly as I could lay down and spun around till my face was in his lap.  So much for that hand-eye coordination, I thought as I beat him into position.  I gripped his ass with one hand and slid his cock right down my throat.  My other hand went under me to where my clit was screaming for attention.

“Suck my cock, Grace.  Get it all you dirty little slut.”

I knew that would do it.  She folded back her lips and ran her teeth up my shaft, making me wince as I got even harder.  How far will she go?  I was daring her to really hurt me.  It was a test, this was all a test.  I sent my hand down the soft expanse of her bare back and right onto her ass.  SMACK.

She didn’t flinch.  Instead her fingernails locked into my thigh, piercing the top layer of skin.  I flexed, trying to fight her off, but I was too slow.  Marks tomorrow, I knew.  It was worth it.  The feel of her mouth, the rise of her ass – I was going to give her more than that. 

Her hips rocked, grinding on the hand she’d managed to get beneath her.  I wanted to jam my dick down her throat for days, but I’d rather be in charge of everything.  Backing up a step, I came free from her lips.

“Roll over.”

I moved to the other side of the bed.  Grace spread her legs and let me see how she was touching herself.  I climbed onto my knees, lifted her hips into my lap and slapped the head of my cock right where her fingers were working.

“Touch yourself like that when I’m not around?  Come all over your hand while you’re thinking about fucking me?”

“You say my name in your sleep.  Jordan told me.”  She propped herself up on her elbows, shaking her chin-length hair from her face.  “Is it my mouth or my pussy you’re dreaming about?  Little bit of both?  Taste of me keeping you up at night, Captain?”

I buried myself in her up to the hilt.  My thumb replaced her hand, massaging her swollen nub till she was twitching like a live wire.  I knew she liked this, that she came hardest when she was stimulated multiple ways.  Already she was breathing hard.

“Bet you want to come for me now, eh?” I lightened my pressure, causing her to whimper reflexively.  “Well you’re gonna have to beg.”
She glared at me, tossed helplessly on the bed, breasts bouncing in time with my strokes.  “Or what?”

“Or I’ll just milk your pussy all night, till you’re weeping for it.”

The corner of her mouth twitched.  “I’ll take back your key.  Change my locks.  Maybe I’ll even move.  Then where would you go every night you need me?  When the only thing keeping your whole precious fucking snow globe of a life together is me?”

I just said it.  We’d never gone that far before, not in words though it was obviously true.  The aftermath of the fight made him feistier than usual and I rose to the occasion.

“You need me,” I went on, the pulse beating from his dick like a drum inside my body.  “You need someone who doesn’t give a shit who you are or what you do.  You need someone who’s not impressed by the size of your bank account.  Only by the size of your dick.”  I squeezed down on him, hard.

His dark eyes clouded over and his thrusts grew more persistent.  “Tell me you want it.”

My body was a puddle.  I wanted it so fucking badly I thought I would die.  But I’d rather win this fight.

“Give it to me, baby.  Show me what you dreamed about at night,” I said.

Fucking Jordan is going to fucking die.  Grown men having roommates on the road was medieval torture.  Of course, most guys just found some girl to bone whenever they wanted.  Not me.  I was forced to wait and watch, then go home alone.  If I went out at all.  Those times when everyone was in a club and I was alone were the only time I had.

I jerked out of her and rolled her onto her stomach.  I liked it when she was defenseless, except for that mouth that only shut up when she was deep-throating me.  We were a classic game of picking your battles, and I usually won.  I trapper her legs together, settled my stomach onto her ass and prodded the tip of my cock into the soaked space between her thighs.

He always won this way.  He outweighed me by 70 pounds and when he used his mass, I couldn’t do a thing.  Luckily for me, Sidney on my back was the best sex of my life.  Not that I’d ever tell him that.  He poked around twice before finding the spot and eased his cock inside me.  Then he put his face next to mine.

“Grace,” the palm of his hand traced circles on my ass, like he was lining up a shot.  He tapped it twice.  “Why are you home alone on a Friday night?  Sweet little cunt like yours, you could be fucking anyone you want,” he thrust sharply, emphasizing his words.  “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were here waiting for me.  Hoping for me.”

His words were warm on my face.  I twisted my neck to look at him, as best I could with 200 pounds pressing me into the mattress. 

“The other guy left just before you got here,” I deadpanned.

His hand came down on my ass once with a loud crack.  I almost laughed – it was so, so easy to make him jealous.  Sidney needed to be the only person in the world for someone, needed to be the center of attention in private for a single person.  Somehow I’d become that person.  In public I could ignore him completely and he didn’t care.  But alone, naked, he demanded my full attention.

He sat up behind me, pressing heavily on my back and plowed that massive cock into my body at his own punishing pace.  Then his hands traced down to my ass and spread it wide as he watched his favorite highlight reel – his dick disappearing inside me, coming out coated with my desire.  His thumb circled my backdoor, triggering tiny flinches in my pussy.  I wanted to touch myself but he caught my wrist and held it tight behind my back.  He worked my body, stroking short and hard or slow and deep, working over my g-spot then avoiding it for entirely too long.  I felt his thighs get tighter and his balls slapping less as they drew higher in anticipation.  A drop of sweat splashed in the center of my back.

He lifted my hips and wound a hand around.  The second he touched my clit it jumped.  Tension was ping-ponging around in my stomach, waiting for a door to open so it could pour out.

“Tell me you want it, Grace,” he said.  “Tell me I’m the only one who can make you scream.”

I did want it; I wanted it so bad that my ears were ringing with the pressure building inside me.  My hard nipples were being scraped raw against the bedspread with every huge thrust.  But our game didn’t allow for honesty.

“Shut up and fuck me, Sidney.”

He buried his fingers in my clit, rubbing so hard it hurt then slid that hand right to my snatch.  I was stretched to the limit but he pulled me wider, needing even more room for himself.  The sensitive, engorged lips of my pussy thrummed at his touch.  He rubbed up and down, making me squirm. 

“That’s my girl,” he murmured.  “Loves it when I fuck her hard.”  He grunted and slammed himself into me, the deepest yet, and I yelped in pain and surprise.  By the third time it didn’t hurt anymore, which bored him.  So he dug his fingers into my hot spot and jerked me off.  When I came, I bit the blanket and tried to stifle my voice.

A strangled cry tore from her body as her pussy clenched around my cock.  That’s the best part, as tight as she gets, and I put 200 lbs behind the thrusts I gave that juicy little hole.  Her body skidded father up the bed.

Fucking say it.  Tonight of all nights I need to hear it.

“Sidney!” she shouted as the dam broke.  I yanked her hair, pulling her face out of the duvet and letting my name rip from her mouth like she was cheering a goal.  Hot cum filled her crevice and I stroked away as a man rowing for shore.  She moaned, beats pulsing thunderously through her body.  Finally she went still.  Finally.

My cock was trembling inside her, begging to burst.  I felt the tension drain from her body and the intense need to fill her up again.   Three solid pumps, building up momentum, and then I let go.  With a roar I exploded, buried a mile deep in that tight, tiny hole, beating my victory like a drum against her exhausted body.  I spurted like a fountain, drowning her in cum, four times before I slumped over her.


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