Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter Five

I was a man of my word. The whole evening had gone astray – I was supposed to be in charge. Instead she had me eating out of her hand, attacking her in a crowded room, clinging to an office chair while she worked herself over and tortured me nearly into blacking out. So I kept my promise and I kept her up all night.

I came so hard the first time I thought I’d given myself a migraine. My eyes focused on the bruise I’d given her neck, the shape of my mouth marked on her flesh just above the scooped out hollow of her collarbone. I lay across her, waiting to get hard again before I let her move.

“No, I win,” she’d said. We’d see about that.

Her hands moved over my bare back, tracing the form of bone and muscle. The feather light touch stirred my blood. I was tired from the game, I’d given it everything knowing she was there. Now I wanted to give her everything again, and take whatever she had. My fingers rounded the curve of her breast, felt her nipple stiffen, brought her skin to my mouth. Intermission was almost over.

“Grace.” Our lips were almost touching, that would be my first order of business. “I think we need a safe word.”

She smiled. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“I want to be sure.” I craved power over her, yes, but not that kind. I didn’t want to get carried away.

“Maybe you need one from me. Like a time out if I’m really pushing your buttons.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Okay. I’ll use…”

“Reebok. You haven’t yelled it in the heat of passion yet, but I bet you’re thinking it,” she laughed.

“Been Google stalking me, smartass? Your word is….”

“Eric. Because if I yell his name he’s coming in here to kill you.”

She kissed me before I could protest and squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around my stiffening cock. I gasped, drawing air straight from her body, and bit down on her lip. She dragged her nails down my arms, slowly, feeling me grow inside her. By the time she reached my wrists, I was fully hard again. I rolled onto my back, sat up with her straddling me, carried her to the chair and sat us down the same we we’d been before. I kept my promises. Her breasts bounced before my eyes as I started to lift and slide her in my lap. She murmured encouragement, wrapping her fingers into my hair. Her hot, slick center felt as good as I’d been thinking about for hours and I buried myself inside her again and again with increasing speed. The soft arc of her ass slapped against my thighs every time I brought her low. Then I dropped her suddenly, landing hard on my legs as I bottomed out inside her.

“Oh God,” she whimpered. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders to hold her down against me and I started lifting, rocking both of us up off the seat and driving into her with force. She put her head to my neck and moaned. Eyes closed, my thumb found her clit and she rocketed straight up. “Holy hell,” she said.

“You like that? Like to feel my hands on your body?”

She rolled her head back and swiveled her hips down onto me. The friction was tremendous as she swished from side to side, taking my thrusts in stride. Her movements started to shorten, get a little more jerky, and I worked my fingers harder against her nub. All around my dick her body quivered, like water about to spill over, as I stroked into her both inside and out.

“Oh God,” she squeaked again. I slammed my hips up, almost pushing the chair out from under us, and went balls deep on a heavy stroke. Grace broke. Her entire body rolled hard, from her shoulders to her spine and pelvis, shuddering uncontrollably while I fought to keep my grip on her, to stay wedged in tight. She cursed as it passed, earning her another heavy hit from me.

“Good girl. Take what I give you.”

Then I relaxed my embrace, because I wasn’t done with her yet. I set her on her feet and with one swipe knocked everything off the desk. She was facedown on the dark wood a second later. My hands lifted her hips so her ass hung high in the air. I took a second to run my hand over her cheek and spread her swollen lips with two fingers, dragging one through the crime scene. Then I rammed myself inside her up to the hilt.

She surprised me. Grace got a good hold on the far end of the desk, bracing herself against it, and slammed back into my lap. She rocked hard, really giving me something to knock against. Surely they could hear my balls slapping against her from downstairs. She spread her legs a little wider and shook her ass in front of me.

“Want more, eh? I got plenty more for you, baby.”

The first time I spanked her was too light. The second was too hard – a red handprint raised on her flesh. She squeaked in pain and surprise and I rubbed my palm over it in apology. The cords and muscles in her back shifted, bare before me and catching the light, twitching lightly as she tried to meet the force of my thrusts with some push of her own. Her pussy was so tight from this angle that I had to work to get all the way inside her. I held on to her shoulders for leverage, striking deeper inside her. She writhed in my lap, so much pale, creamy skin laid out against the hard dark surface of the desk. Then she peered back over her shoulder.

“Feels good,” she purred.

I leaned down and lifted one of her knees, bending it under her until it was on the edge of the desk. She stood on one leg, spread like a wishbone. The first time I bottomed out in this position we both cursed.

“Holy shit,” she said.

“Fuck, oh my Fuck,” I added poetically. It was heaven. I was everywhere inside her and she couldn’t move, she was powerless against me, just trying to stay upright while I drilled her pussy. She needed to hold on to the desk, so I wrapped an arm around under her breast and bounced it against my forearm as I caught her clit between two fingers and rubbed like I was shining a dime. She sobbed out a breath. I was so deep in her I could almost feel my own strokes bouncing off the inside of her body. Her clit was slick in my hand and she trembled when I pinched firmly.

“Grace, your little cunt makes me want to come so hard. You want to come with me, baby? Spill it all over my cock?”

“Yes, Sidney. Make me come.”

I tweaked and massaged with my fingers as I pummeled her with my raging hard on. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of my face as I fought for control.

“Give it to me, Grace. Show me how much you like to be fucked.”

She moaned, loud and suddenly, almost falling forward out of my arms. I stiffened my grip, pressing her back to my chest as I sawed away alternating thrusts to both sides of her body. With my other hand I twisted her nipple gently, just enough to make her cry out. Her body tried to suck me in like a vacuum, drawing out my length and beating pleasure down every inch. When her orgasm broke and her hips stopped rolling I had to move fast.

“Get up on the desk,” I said.

“You didn’t come…”

“Now, Grace.”

She lay down on the desk and lifted her feet. I pulled her to the edge, grabbed her ankles and spread them as far as they could go. Then I slid myself back inside her hot mess of a body. I watched as my shaft disappeared inside her, slowly inch by inch, every bit of skin on my body begging to be treated to the soft, pulsing heat of her core. I could have watched myself fuck her for days, but I wasn’t going to make it that long. I pulled her up by the hands and lifted her again.

What else could he do? My body felt like a warm slushee, all sticky liquid inside. I was pretty sure if I came one more time without him I’d faint like some storybook princess and sleep for twenty years. The look in his eyes as he watched my body swallow his cock was dangerous – triumph, need, release, ownership. I felt like a vicious prized pet.

He hauled me up to sitting and surprised me with a kiss. His skin was salty with the effort he laid into me. I dragged my tongue along his bottom lip, catching it between my teeth.

“I think it’s time to stop playing, Sidney, and show me what you can really do.”

His eyes flashed. “You’re going to have to ask me more nicely that that.”

I loved the torment he was putting me through but I knew he wanted to play too. He’d feel left out if I just used him for my own pleasure all night long. I’d already come three times to his one.

“Please, Sidney,” I laid my lips to his earlobe as he continued to milk my pussy over the edge of the desk. “I want you to spill inside of me, tear me open and fill me up. I want to feel you come and hear you scream my name.”

He must have been ready. Before I knew it we were on the bed and my legs were over his shoulders, folding me like a pretzel, pounding away. His massive biceps and chest flexed and coiled and sprung. I was so sensitive that every cell in my body rang like an alarm as he worked himself to a fever pitch. The look on his face was the same as the pictures that hung in the arena – single-minded determination. I brushed a sheen of sweat from his forehead. He bit the side of my hand. I slapped him lightly on the cheek then he smiled.

“Come with me, Grace,” he said. It was not a request.

Moments later I felt his body tighten. I’d been fighting it forever, ground falling away beneath my feet as I struggled to stand. He lifted my ankles, both easily in one hand, and tilted me slightly to the side. One of his knees slid behind my ass, cupping my entire lower body and striking hard and fast. I started to buck against him as a reflex, my body on a crash course with no brakes.

I came first. My back arched and head pressed down, I screamed something that might have been his name and twisted my hands into the blanket, trying to hold myself down on the bed. He roared a second later, absolutely buried inside me, one hand tangled in my hair and the other still holding my feet up. Then he collapsed on top of me with a groan.

“Mother of God you are good in bed,” he said, almost laughing. I giggled weakly, unable to catch my breath with 200 pounds piled on my chest. Sidney pressed his lips gently to my neck and drew himself out. I sucked in a breath as my tender flesh tugged.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked softly.

“Yeah but I liked it,” I rolled toward him. He draped a giant arm over me, anchoring us together, and his fingers brushed down my spine. The heat of the moment broken, he was back to being Sidney. “I think you have a split personality.”

He smiled slightly, eyes closed. “You make me crazy, Grace.”

I woke sometime later, properly aligned in the bed with covers over my body. Sidney’s chin rested atop my head and my face was buried in his chest. I smiled at the thought of him moving us, tucking us in. He was really confusing me, but not enough to keep me from falling back to sleep in the shelter of his body.

It was light when I opened my eyes again. Sidney was behind me, the big spoon, snoring lightly with his face in my hair. I must have stirred because he mumbled like a bear coming out of hibernation. His arms flexed and leg came over mine, turning me into a body pillow. He settled back in. “Comfy,” he said. I was out again instantly.

Bang bang bang.

“If she’s dead you’re in dead, Crosby,” Eric yelled from the hallway.

Sid rolled off as I sat up, trying to get my bearings. He looked at me, topless in the rumpled sheets, and made a grab for my middle. I scooted away then froze. Every muscle in my body hurt. I collapsed with a hiss. He must have felt the same.

“Uuuggghhhh,” he moaned. “Get lost, Staal. She’s fine.”

“Told you so,” I teased Sid, then I called out, “He just wanted to braid my hair and talk about boys. He thinks you’re cute.”

I got a pillow to the face and a string of expletives from beyond the door. Sidney army-crawled across the bed and lifted the pillow. He rested on his elbows, looking at me. The breath all disappeared from my body at once. His brown hair was a little long, curls messed up from sleeping. His shoulders were so broad and his thick neck flexed as he peered down at me. His forearms were folded flat against the sheet and even they were flexed like a statue. His eyes shone with a hundred emotions – victory over me, lust, satisfaction, humor. That was matched by the tiny grin that played across his luscious lips.

“Morning,” he said.

“You are the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. In my life.” I may wish tomorrow I’d never met him, but that was the God’s honest truth.

Stop stop stop, my brain said. Stop thinking about how good she looks, how good she feels and how much you want to make her happy. You can’t make her happy. You can’t make anybody happy.

“Grace, I can’t do this. Well… I can do this. But I can’t do anything else.”

“You can’t seem to stop doing this.”

I had to laugh. “You’ve got me there.”

She lay there, looking at me with an even, honest stare. Her hair was fantastically tousled, the way a model’s would be. Her bottom lip was swollen where I’d bitten her and the hickey on her neck was visible from space. She was tangled in the bed sheets like some kind of girl-next-door porn star. And her dark eyes weren’t mad.

“You’re scared,” she hit the nail on the head.

“It’s a lot to handle.”

She called me right out. “For me or for you?”

“Anyone,” I said. She tried to roll but I put a hand out, keeping her on her back.

“You don’t seem to be afraid of a little hard work.”

I bristled. “I’m not afraid.”

“But you’re not brave either.” She still wasn’t mad.

I looked down at her laying there, the only person I’d met in ages who didn’t know me. She didn’t know who I was, and still she had given herself willingly to me. And I had given myself to her. But it didn’t change reality.

“I hate that I can’t do this,” I told her honestly.

Her lips pressed into a tiny, sad smile. “I hate that you won’t try.”

She waited a minute but I had nothing else to say. So she got up, not shy, and hunted around the room for her clothes from last night. I just watched as she got dressed and found her shoes. Before she could leave, I caught her arm and pulled her into my lap. Grace kept her eyes down, but I tilted her chin up until finally she was looking at me.

“Sorry.” That was all I wanted to say. She looked sad and I wondered if it was for her or for me.

“You do a lot of apologizing.”

Everyone else was awake and eating breakfast in the kitchen when I finally dragged myself out of bed. Laura and Max were cooking, smacking each other with spatulas. By the way Kris had his arm around the back of Shiri’s chair, I guessed another happy couple had been made, at least for the night. Jordan and Eric worked on a huge pile of eggs between them. Grace was stretched on her tip toes, trying to reach a glass on the highest shelf. The arc and curve of her body made my stomach ache.

“Let me,” I said. She moved away – too far away, clearly not wanting to be touched.

Jordan had to take Eric to the airport, so he offered to drive the girls home. Grace hugged Max and Kris goodbye then turned to me. Her kiss was light and fast against my cheek like a hummingbird’s wing, with something of the same urgency. She couldn’t wait to be gone. When they’d left, I helped myself to the leftovers and started shoveling food into my mouth.

“You fucked that up, eh?” Max asked. I didn’t say anything so he kept going. “Sid, mon ami, please take some advice. Don’t be a pussy.”

I snapped my head up. “Don’t pretend to know what this is like.”

Max shrugged. “Don’t pretend that Grace knows either.”

I sat quietly with my plate, not eating because now I felt sick. Max didn’t understand. No one could. Kris came back into the kitchen whistling.

“I invited Laura to the WAG charity thing tomorrow,” Max announced.

Fuck. That was trouble. “Why?” I asked sharply. “Why do you have to bring someone?”

Max crossed his arms and glared at me. “It’s a cocktail party. I get to bring someone, I want to bring someone who will be fun to hang out with. Beats the hell out of sticking around your mopey ass all night.”

“Bring Grace,” Kris said, blissfully unaware.

“He’s chicken shit,” Max answered for me.

Kris looked at me like maybe he kind of got it. Like maybe he would help. “I can’t. But you could bring her,” I suggest.

“I should bring your date? What about my date?” Kris asks. So much for that. “And Jordan’s not going to do it, you told everyone she was his cousin.”

“Screwed the pooch on that one, Captain.” Max shut the dishwasher. “You’re missing your chance.”


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