Friday, November 19, 2010

Chapter Seven

I almost hesitated. I was being an asshole, no question. But there was also no question that what I felt was more than wanting to fuck her. I needed her, needed her so badly I could taste it, that I would have done anything to have her… except that one thing. If the only way in was to date her openly I might have lost my mind. But she kept giving me an out, kept offering the option to just possess her.

I stepped close but instead of kissing her, I just moved my hands over the fabric of her dress. She stood still the way she had let me undress her the night before. It seemed like I was winning, getting what I wanted, but really she was letting me score. I turned her and slowly pulled the zipper, revealing the lingerie beneath. The dress slipped from her hips, pooling around her feet and still she didn’t move. I took a knee and ran my palms up the smooth, soft skin of her legs. My lips followed close behind: the outside of her ankle, the groove of her calf, the back of her knee. I kissed my way up her thigh, pulled away the lace at her hip and placed one just beneath. Grace looked down at me with drowsy eyes and ran her hand through my hair, pressing my cheek to her leg. Then she dropped down next to me.

“Remind me later that I hate you,” she said as she kissed me.

We laid ourselves out gently on the rug. Most of the light came from outside, where the trees were twined with strings of tiny bulbs and more reflected off the rippling surface of the pool. She released my tie with a single finger, then the buttons of my shirt. I let her move slowly as I whorled my fingertips over her bare skin. She flinched as I grazed the side of her stomach, ticklish. My t-shirt went over my head, she kissed back down my chest when my face was covered. The tip of that soft tongue teased my nipple, tracing slow, tiny circles as I put my head back and let her work.

Grace kneeled over me and opened my belt and pants, touching everything. I knew exactly what I wanted but was afraid to ask, I was lucky to be getting anything at this point. She peeled off my shorts, wrapped her fist around my rock hard erection and I saw her smile – she knew and she did it anyway.

I’d never felt her mouth on me before and the touch of her tongue nearly made me come. She rolled it over the head of my cock slowly, like I was made of ice cream, then twisted along my shaft. I had to look away, it was too hot to handle. Her lips slipped over the tip and dipped down, then farther, until almost my entire length was being sucked and slurped. One hand made a ring at the base of my dick, holding firmly and the other matched the motion of her mouth as she worked me up and down. Her eyes caught mine, flashing against her dark makeup.

“Grace,” I whispered without meaning to. She sucked hard, pulling me in, then took a breath and went all the way down. My tip slipped past her tongue and touched the back of her throat, ringing me like a buzzer and taking me in as far as I could go. “Oh God,” I spoke again. She took my words as encouragement and begin to move more quickly. Her wrist flicked, keeping time and pretty soon I was shaking. She peeked up at me again, making sure I saw myself disappear between her lips as she deep throated me again. I moaned out loud. Who the fuck am I kidding? I had no control. I was her slave.

Her fingers stroked my balls, tugging lightly, and went hard and soft, faster and faster, deeper only by surprise until I was tight as a guitar string. She squeezed both hands, sucked me in and I came like a ton of bricks. She held me in, lapping as I pulsed load after load onto her tongue. When my back finally dropped to the carpet, she slid her mouth off my cock and licked the corner of her lips.

“I think I won that one,” I panted.

She laughed, head rolling forward like she was admiring herself in her lingerie. “Who’s passed out naked on my living room floor?”

I grabbed at her wrist but she was already on her feet, standing over me like Attack of the 50-Foot Sex Kitten. “You have a game tomorrow,” she said. “That’s the only thing you have to win.”

I collected my clothes, looking too late to see if she had any backyard neighbors who might have witnessed our little carpet bagging. There were none. I showed myself upstairs, following the light that spilled from her bedroom. There were guest rooms to spare and a few extra bathrooms. Grace was living in the master suite. A king-sized sleigh bed stood unmade in the middle of the space. Her clothes were tossed around – she’d rushed to get dressed when TK was here. A few photos were stuck to the sides of her mirror, a few lotions and creams that probably smelled delicious were scattered around. The room was big, but it was definitely hers. The bathroom door was open, so I peeked inside.

I probably shouldn’t have. It was like a Maxim photo shoot: Grace still wore her four-inch red heels, little black lace panties showing more ass than they covered as she stood in front of the mirror, brushing her teeth. Her dark hair was a cloud around her face, one hand on a hip as she looked at herself. By the time my eyes met hers in the reflection, I was already hard again. Slowly, looking right at me, she leaned over at the waist and spit into the sink. Her mouth opened under the faucet as she rinsed. Then she turned, resting her ass on the counter, and looked at me for as long as I’d looked at her. I felt exposed, almost embarrassed under the weight of her stare.

“Still fucking perfect,” she said like she couldn’t believe it.

He kissed me. His massive shoulders curled down, broad chest rolling in as he leaned down and kissed my upturned face. When I stood, shoes on, we were nearly the same height and his hard-on was the only thing keeping us apart. He took my elbow and I followed him eagerly to the bed.

This time I lay him down. I shimmied out of my panties and tossed off my bra, then climbed on top of him. He ran his thumb over the red indentations beneath my breasts, where the strapless bra had been digging into my skin. Then he kissed his fingertips and pressed over the same spot.

“Are you okay?”

I just nodded as he slid inside me easily. My movements were slow and small – he felt so good I barely needed to ride him. His hand closed on my hip, setting an easy pace that hardly rumpled the duvet. Sidney’s hands explored my stomach and sides, I watched the muscles in his neck and shoulders flex. If anything, we slowed our strokes until we were almost still. His hand circled my waist and pulled me to his chest. When I was close he rolled on top.

I thought he would start bucking and thrusting but he scarcely moved. I felt his heartbeat through his cock, pulsing into every part of my body. The back of his neck was soft beneath my fingers as I drew him into a kiss. We stayed that way, both breathless and surprised, making love for the first time.

It might have lasted for hours. I think I honestly fell in love with him, there on that bed, as he tenderly brushed the hair from my forehead and kissed my brow. Then his lips found my earlobe, gently biting and sucking until goosebumps ran down my side.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered softly against my neck. “I don’t deserve you.”

I rolled my hips, giving him a little pump. “You could,” I whispered back. “You want to.”

He covered my mouth with his. Both of our bodies were starting to pool dangerously, promising to bring an end to this little raft we’d built. My breath fluttered in my throat, a tiny moan escaping. He felt like nothing I’d ever known, ever even imagined. He held me down like an anchor and let me float away like a balloon.

When I came, I slid my tongue into his mouth and whimpered as we kissed. My fingers locked on his shoulders as I ground my orgasm out onto his body.

“Grace.” The name slipped from my lips as I came, falling into her all at once. I’d never been so gentle with a woman, never really wanted to wait forever if it meant never having to leave the warm comfort of her body. I worshipped her then, and if I’d had the energy I’d have cursed fate for giving me such a gift when I couldn’t accept it. Grace melted beneath me and I poured into her.

We didn’t move for a long time. She shifted once but I played dead, not ready to leave this completely new experience behind.

We finally parted, she went to the bathroom and I cleaned myself up in the one next door. She was in bed when I returned, the blankets flipped down to invite me in. I shut off the light and slid in next to her. Grace wrapped herself around my back, her knees bending under mine so her face was somewhere between my shoulder blades. Her arm came around my middle, hand tucked against my chest under my top arm. I’d never been spooned before and I was surprised at how good it felt. No wonder girls like this. In truth I’d never really been held by someone I wanted to hold back.

She kissed my spine. “Goodnight, Sidney.”

I said goodnight, knowing it had been.

The alarm rang at 8:30 AM. Grace’s hand shot out and hit snooze before my eyes were even open. I lay on my side, curled around her with my arm under her head. She blinked up at me. “Morning.”

She smiled. “Morning. You have practice in an hour.”

“How do you know that?” I was shocked to find I’d forgotten.

“Max told me not to let you sleep in. I have to go to work.”

I thought she’d jump up but she stayed still for a moment, looking into my eyes. Then she kissed me. I tried to kiss her back but she kept her mouth closed.

“Sidney Crosby has morning breath. Hearts break across North America.”

I turned my head away to laugh, not wanting to breathe on her. She giggled and hugged me, her naked body coming into mine all at once. My arm cinched around her and locked her in.

“We have to get up,” she insisted.

I rolled my eyes and settled for a kiss – a real one, with tongue. She pretended to hate it but made out with me all the same. Laying there, laughing with her and holding her close in the morning light… it was dangerous. I tried to remind myself but the thoughts were lost in the kiss. We got up and dressed. Grace slipped on a pair of trousers and I knew I’d spend the day thinking about the little polka dot panties underneath. A button down shirt, a brush through her hair and Converse sneakers on her feet – She was ready before I was.

“Tell me again what you do.”

She smiled. “I never told you before. I’m a buyer for American Eagle. Hence the reason I dress like a college kid going to class.”

“I think you look great,” I told her, straightening her collar. “You were in LA before this?”

“Yup. Sunny and warm all year. I only had a little winter when I got here, and it was a bitch.”

I’ll keep you warm, I thought. Right here like this, I’ll keep you warm. She walked me to the driveway.

“Anyone could have seen your car here last night.”

Unlikely, but I hadn’t considered that. “Next time I’ll park in the garage.”

She tilted her head up, squinting in the sunlight. “You and your next times.”

There was no one around, the next house almost a block away, so I backed her up against the side of my truck. “Come to my game tonight.”

“Can’t. Plans.” Something in her eyes told me she was teasing.

“I got you present.”

“Another cousin?” She was just giving me a hard time.

“Something better.”

“Hmmm,” she said, letting her gaze drop to my crotch. “Had that already too.”

She gave in and agreed to be there. I kissed her quickly, worried anything more would turn into another outdoor romp, and got into my car. Now I just needed to think of something to get her.

I wasn’t about to wear his number. Whatever his surprise was I hoped it wasn’t a jersey. If he wanted me, he had me. But I wasn’t going to be branded his property without a little more reciprocation. Inside, I laughed at myself. I was his for the taking, if only he'd fucking take it. My fight was so fake, but I kept it up because I knew his was real.

Laura met me at the game, same seats as last time. She wore a Talbot #25 t-shirt. The rest of their date after the cocktail party had been, in her words, “amazing.” I’d only met Max a few times but I knew what that meant. She leaned in and whispered a few choice details – I actually blushed.

“He’s so… French. It would be disgusting otherwise,” she admitted.

We went down near the glass to watch the visiting team warm up. I didn’t want to be any kind of distraction for Sidney, though I knew he’d probably never even look at the crowd. The Blackhawks were skating around in circles.

“That’s the one,” Laura said as #19 came to a stop in front of us. He certainly was cute. “If it doesn’t work out with Max, you can ask Sidney to give me his number.”

“Shhhhh,” I gripped her arm.

She rolled her eyes. “You two and your covert operations.”

“Not my choice, okay?” I hissed.

“Well you keep taking him home.”

She had a point and I knew it. I pretended to walk the moral high road while I let Sidney have all the milk without buying the cow. But I really, really wanted him. Wasn’t that a good enough reason? All around me were women from two to 82 wearing his number. That wasn’t even the part of him I wanted.

“If I make him choose, he won’t choose me,” I admitted under my breath.

Laura put her arm around my shoulders and full on waved at #19. “If you don’t, he never will.”

The game was evenly matched and very tense. One goal leads were traded back and forth but at the end, the Penguins didn’t get enough turns. They lost 3-2, despite Flower playing a fantastic game. It was a long time before someone fetched us from our seats and the lounge was almost empty when we got there.

“Sorry. Ready?” Max said as he came in. He looked from Laura to me then stopped. “Uh, where’s Sid?”

I raised my eyebrows. “In the locker room?”

Max glanced over his shoulder like he could see through walls. “No, he’s been gone for a while. I thought he already found you.” He opened his phone and speed dialed, but got voicemail immediately. A nervous expression crossed his face as he started making excuses. “He had a tough night, always takes these close ones really hard and….”

“He totally forgot about me,” I finish for him. “It’s okay, you guys go. I have my car.”

Max was still protesting as I walked out the door.

I was pulling into home, twenty-five minutes from the rink with a head full of things we’d done wrong, bounces that hadn’t gone our way. I reached into the center console for the garage door opener and felt something else. Grace’s present.

Shit. Grace.

I’d been so in my head that I’d completely forgotten about her. What a colossal fuck-up! If there was some kind of prize for Asshole of the Year I was really making a run for it. I circled the driveway and turned right back onto the street. Her phone was off, but I kept calling. It took me a good forty-minutes to reach her house, now well past 11 PM. No lights were on.

I rang the doorbell, thinking she shouldn’t sleep with the house fully dark because someone might break in, thinking it was empty. I’d tell her that, if she ever spoke to me again. I might have to break in myself and thus prove the point. I rang again, hearing it echo inside. A light popped on in what I thought was a guest room upstairs. A full minute later, the door swung open.

“Are you lost, little boy?”

She wore tiny blue shorts with hearts on them and a gray tank top. If she’d been in bed she wasn’t sleeping, her eyes were clear and they were furious.

“I’m so sorry.”

“The only thing you say more than ‘I’m sorry’ is ‘Fuck me, Grace.’ I’m starting to think they mean the same thing.”

I pressed a hand to my forehead, trying to think more clearly. She fogged things up with her long legs and her narrow waist, hair all disheveled. I needed to stay in this game. “I got so caught up in tonight that I went on autopilot. I don’t even remember driving home.”

“Wow, Robot Boy. You got all the way home to Sewickley?”

“Then I turned around and came right here.”

“Why?” Her hands were on her hips. “It’s one thing not to want to be with me, Sidney. It’s another thing to forget I even exist. Too many women in that stadium wearing your number, did you get confused? Too many reporters talking about how important you are?”

I was starting to get mad. “Grace, please. Stop it.”

“Fine. I’m stopping.” She shut the door in my face.

I stood outside for a minute, thinking I should drive home. We were like a submarine filling with water, about to become inescapable and drag us both to the bottom. This was the way out, the clean break I needed. So of course I rang the doorbell again.

She opened it with the phone in her hand. “I’m calling Eric.”

“What’s he going to do from New York?”

“Send Jordan over? I don’t know. Call your mom?”

That almost made me laugh. I didn’t stop my smile quickly enough and she saw it. Then she screamed through gritted teeth and stomped away from me. I followed her inside.

“Get out of my house.”

“No.” I shut the door behind me.

She was ten feet away and I swear I could smell her skin. A hot pink blush dotted her cheeks, the effort of holding back from beating me senseless, I assumed. I exhaled slowly, hands in my pockets, and paced away from her.

“What can I do here, Grace?”

“You can leave.”

“I’m staying.”

“Since when do you ask permission for anything anyway?”

“Hey, you’re in on this as much as I am. I told you from the beginning how it would work.”

“Which beginning is that? I seem to recall fucking the paint off the walls in your room before I even knew your last name. A botched attempt to get my phone number and ask me out again before I had any idea who you were. Did we start over when I found out you’re Sidney fucking Crosby?”

“I wanted you to want me. Not for all that. That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

She almost growled, hands clenched into little fists. “I did! I liked you that night, just some guy with a weird name who kinda laughed like a girl. And what did I get for it? Fucking nothing.”

“This is not nothing, Grace.” I’d be damned if she was going to start discounting what was happening between us.

“No, I’m nothing. Apparently you’re the something here.”

She spun on her heel and stormed up the stairs. I locked the door and followed her, passing right to the master bedroom. But she wasn’t there. I remembered the light I’d seen come on and went down the hall to the first guest room. Grace was under the covers in the dark.

“Why are you sleeping in here?”

“My bed smells like you.”

I closed my eyes. She didn’t want to be anywhere near me. Someone heartbroken or even in lust would want to cling, even if they were hurt. I would have gone home and rolled around in sheets she’d slept in, willing time to turn back on itself. Instead she was sleeping in a cold bed meant for strangers. My gut churned.

“I’m so, so sorry Grace. For everything.”

“I know you are. But I’m tired.” She folded back the covers, revealing her head, but didn’t look at me. That little inch she gave was enough to lift my heart. I knew what she wanted was something I couldn’t give. But maybe I could patch this, for now. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“I brought your present.”

“Stop it, Sidney.”

“Please Grace, it’s only for you. It’s not like I can give it to someone else.”

With a huff she rolled toward me, still lying down. I held out my open hand. Her fingers brushed my palm as she took the brass key. “What does it open?”

“My part of the house.”

She held it up, examining it. It was newly copied, the edges a little rough. But it worked. “So I can sneak in and people will think I’m the maid?”

I laughed too loudly, my nerves jangling.

Her eyes finally met mine. “Why?”

“So you can always find me. Be with me whenever you want.”

“Except when you’re away. Or outside. Or there are people around.”

I put my hand over hers, squeezing the key. “I didn’t say it was perfect.”

With that I undressed myself and climbed into the bed. After the king-size it felt small, but I liked that. More reason to be as close to her as possible. She didn’t hold me, not tonight, but she felt warm in my arms. A few times I thought she would speak and tell me everything was alright. That she understood and she wanted to do this anyway, she wanted to be with me more than anything. But she stayed silent. The funny thing was, I think I loved her for it.

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  4. It's from the NHL Media Tour in NYC in September - there was one of each of the players who participated. Not sure why they're in a hallway, but it works for him!